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Made from sugar beet, BeetaPac is a sustainable and natural material certified safe for the direct packaging of human foodstuffs. GM free and with a low carbon footprint, BeetaPac is also competitively priced compared to similar products on the market.

Our raw material sugar beet is:

  • An annual crop grown for food raw material
  • It’s a sustainable material as our fibre is the product that remains after the sugar mill has extracted the sugar from the beet
  • It is grown in Great Britain, so it is from a stable supply source
  • Our beet fibre is certified as suitable for direct food contact
  • Trays or punnets are recyclable with paper in the same bin
  • Suar beet trays have a carbon footprint, typically 40-50% of that for PET
  • Locally sourced material means reduced transport cost
  • Sugar beet trays are cost favourable compared to virgin pulp wood fibre
  • We can produce complex shapes with embossed or de-bossed customer logos if required
Beetapac Boxes

About 3b Solstar

3B Solstar was founded in 2009 with the aim of bringing to market packaging products made from natural sugar beet fibre shreds grown in the UK. This is a by-product left after the sugar has been extracted from the beet.

Our European and North American patented manufacturing process. Sugar beet is an annual, renewable food crop grown extensively in the UK, Europe and the USA

We manufacture and sell, bespoke, direct food contact grade quality packaging

Our Patents

  • International Patent No. PCT/ GB2011/000367
  • USA Patent No. 8,658,265 B2

3b Solstar Products

We manufacture and sell direct food contact packaging made from sugar beet fibre
Our range of products includes:

  • Pizza boxes
  • Fruit punnets
  • Mushroom punnets
  • Chilled ready meal trays
  • Frozen ready meal trays
  • Luxury goods boxes
  • Compostable, ECO Cup Lids

Sales Area

Throughout: -

  • UK
  • And the EU

At very competitive prices.

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